Tapping Into Your Magic To Bring More Money Into Your Life w/Jen Aly

This week on the podcast, we are diving into something that I see as a very important part of hormone health: money.

Not money in and of itself, but the security and safety that having enough money to meet your needs (and then some!) can do for your hormones.

I brought on my good friend and amazing Business Coach, Jen Aly, to talk about *how* to get to this safe place through creative means. We dive into:

-Learning grounded and practical ways to manifest (no spiritual bypassing!)
-Understanding that you won’t harvest the same day you plant the seed
-Utilizing the Hakomi Sensitivity Cycle
-Practices for expansion
-How bringing in more money goes back to cycles again and again
-More practical tips & exercises

Jen has been kind enough to gift you a coupon for 50% off of anything in her online store. This includes half off of Jen’s “Money Mastery Program” worth $295. Use code “PODCAST” at checkout:


Jen Aly supports creative and holistic entrepreneurs to create, grow, & optimize thriving businesses. Her unique framework is vision led, guided by the creative process, and focuses on cultivating prosperity and growth mindsets. She teaches marketing, sales, and financial skills in ways that are genuine, practical, leveraged, and fun.

She is founder of the virtual MBA Academy community membership program. Her TEDx talk, “Harness Creativity as your Greatest Business Asset” was among the 10% of TEDx talks chosen for TED.com. A coach since 2003, she also geeks out on art, wellness, and travel. You can find more at her website.

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