Time to Understand Your Hormones, Ladies: Interview with Ellie Thomas, Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Welcome to the second interview in my new video series, Time to Understand Your Hormones, Ladies!

This time, I got to jump into a great conversation with one of my new favorite people, Ellie Thomas. Ellie is so knowledgeable in functional nutrition, hormones, and getting to the nitty gritty of the emotional components that underlie our health issues.

I feel honored to have gotten to know her as a part of Nicole Jardim’s Fix Your Period Apprenticeship. Ellie leads our monthly small groups calls, so I’ve been able to witness her incredible coaching skills in action (and on me!)

In this interview, we deep dive into what nourishment really looks like. I know this word is thrown around a lot these days, but I don’t think a lot of people do a good job of explaining what it really looks like. Ellie, on the other hand, is able to easily break the concept down into understandable bites.

Check out the interview here (remember, you can also listen to it as you cook dinner or take care of things around the house!):

Here are the highlights of what we cover:

  • What the heck is nourishment, and what does it actually look like? (2:54)
  • Why it’s not just about WHAT you eat, but what your body does with it (7:24)
  • How nourishing yourself reconnects you to your body, helping with a plethora of issues from PMS to disordered eating (12:48)
  • How food is just as important to your community as it is to your hormones (24:40)
  • What kicked off her personal health journey (there’s probably some similarities to yours!) (26:07)
  • Freebies! And how you can connect with Ellie (36:24)

Here’s how to connect with Ellie:

Website: https://www.deeplynourishedforlife.com/
Podcast: https://www.deeplynourishedforlife.com/podcast
FREE breakfast template: https://www.deeplynourishedforlife.com/breakfast
FREE journal template: https://www.deeplynourishedforlife.com/journal


Quick question for Ellie? Feel free to ask it below! And don’t forget to check out our last interview with Lara Thieme about endometriosis.

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