Time To Understand Your Hormones, Ladies: Interview with Sara Lopez, Hormone Specialist and Adenomyosis & Endometriosis Coach

Hey there ladies! (And whatever gentlemen have found their way here – you are welcome, too!).

We’re back with another episode of our series, “Time to Understand Your Hormones, Ladies!” I love leading these interviews because there is SO MUCH great information out there on balancing your hormones and having a happier, healthier life. And there are so many incredible women sharing this information that should be a part of our birthright.

Most of us understand we’re magical beings, but we’ve been cut off from what goes into making us magical. The more we know and understand about hormones, the more we can use it to our advantage.

And make no mistake, it impacts every part of our life.

Today, I’m chatting with Sara Lopez, a magical hormone specialist and Adenomyosis & Endometriosis Coach.

If you haven’t heard about Adenomyosis before, you are not alone! Many women suffer from this issue, and we cover in-depth what it’s all about, and what foods, supplements, physical, and emotional things you can do to help both it and endometriosis.

Dive in below to learn all about it:

The session is chock full of wisdom and helpful tips, including:

– My inability to say “adenomyosis” 😂 (:59)
– Sara’s story about her own journey with heavy bleeding and painful periods (1:41)
– What is adenomyosis exactly? (3:52)
– The connection between trauma and endometriosis (7:12)
– Changes in diet that can help endo (11:27)
– Supplements you need to help heavy periods (20:10)
– Other things that can help (22:03)
– Guided practice on how to tune into your reproductive system! (26:14)

Sara’s been kind enough to offer some AMAZING free gifts for you. You can download them here:

Want to work one-on-one with Sara? Check out her website here, follow her on FB and Instagram, and enjoy her Pinterest page.

Questions for Sara? Feel free to post them below! And don’t forget to check out our previous interviews with Amy Branum, Ayurvedic Practitioner, where we cover hormones, Ayurveda, and herbs; Ellie Thomas, Holistic Nutrition Consultant talking about true nourishment; and Lara Thieme, where we cover endometriosis in-depth.

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