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Change Your Life From the Inside Out

Body L’Amour

A year of learning how to truly love your body

Over the 12 months of 2019, we will dive deep into what loving your body really looks like. Aging, surgeries, hormonal weight gain, ostomies, bad body image from a young age, autoimmune disorders, car accidents that create pain in the body. Simply disliking your body, just because. All are welcome and included in this safe space.

Sensual Magic for Women 35-45

You Are Worthy.

Full stop. You may feel surrounded by people, media, culture that tells you are losing – or have already lost – your worthiness. Know the truth, though? You’re only becoming more worthy. It’s the secret they don’t want you to know, because that means they maintain power over you. But we need to understand the power lies within us. Always. Let’s dive in.

Whole Health Coaching

Three Months to a New You

Using both traditional assessment tools and intuition, we will weave together a whole lifestyle plan that includes nutrition, movement, calming practices, supplements,  soul goals, and relationship valuation in order to make you thrive. This is about improving your health dramatically over a three month period.

Self-Guided Courses

Whole Health programs for your kick ass life

Need help in healing your digestion? Or are you ready to deep your toes deeper into your sensuality after age 35? Check out our self-paced programs that will guide you in your healing journey.

EFT For What Ails You

This simple tool can do a LOT to shift things in your life.

EFT is one of the most helpful tools when it comes to dealing with anxiety, healing trauma, and even simply getting you out of a fight or flight response. Some of the dramatic changes you can see when you use EFT consistently include easy weight loss, financial healing, better emotional connections, increased body love, adrenal fatigue healing, and much more.

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