Using the Carnivore Diet To Reverse Diabetes, Autoimmune Disorders, and Heart Disease w/Ede Fox

Have you heard of the Carnivore Diet?

If you haven’t, this dietary approach is all about eating just animal foods. Yep, no vegetables whatsoever.

And while that may sound like a prescription for heart disease based on conventional thinking, many people embarking on the Carnivore Diet are finding the opposite: they are enjoying better health than they have had in their lifetime.

On today’s episode of Hormonally Speaking, I talk with Ede Fox, aka @blackcarnivore, who lost 80 pounds on first a keto – then transitioned to Carnivore – diet. She also reversed multiple autoimmune diseases once going full Carnivore.

Ede breaks down for us:

-The different “levels” of Carnivore

-Oxalates in vegetables and how they can be damaging to our health

-The importance of community and support when going on a Carnivore journey

-How this diet can be particularly beneficial for the Black community

-How going Carnivore can positively impact your hormones

This is a fascinating conversation, and I recommend going into it with an open mind if this is the first you’ve heard of Carnivore. You are guaranteed to learn a ton!


Ede Fox is a health coach and founder of the Black Carnivore community. Fox lost 80lbs, regained her health on a carnivore diet then turned to help others find the same success. She runs a carnivore coaching program, a growing facebook community, hosts a Podcast and a weekly livestream on Youtube. If you are interested in a strong supportive community of carnivores you’ll want to follow her on YouTube and Instagram to stay on top of all she’s doing.

Instagram: @blackcarnivore 

Facebook: Ede Fox 

Podcast: Black Carnivore Podcast

YouTube: Black Carnivore

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