What Setting Boundaries Truly Looks Like & How To Implement Them In Your Life w/Lesley King

There’s a lot of talk today about needing to set boundaries in our lives, including how doing so (or not doing so) impacts our hormones.

But what does that really mean?

I find when I ask people what boundaries they have, or feel like they need to set in their lives, they don’t have an answer.

Which is why I had this discussion with Lesley King, who helps people find a new career in a year. She shares actionable ways to figure out next steps in your life (and these are easily applied to health & hormones too), including:

-Understanding your patterns so you know how to change them

-Learning what boundaries are – aka “giving people an idea of what you want and what you don’t want”

-Getting clear on what you want in a situation or in relationships

-How important it is to celebrate your wins, even when you don’t achieve the exact goal you set out to do

-Creating safety by setting up “rules”

Learn even more below:

Lesley King works with people who feel stuck and confused about what’s next. They don’t just want any job. They want an ideal career aligned with their values and desired lifestyle. She helps them find a new career in a year. Learn more at her website.

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