What’s Happening Globally & Personally for Women Right Now w/Jen Aly, Diotima Mantineia & Sarah Poet

It feels absolutely bonkers out there right now, for a lack of a better description.

I’ve been profoundly impacted – yet unsurprised – by the leaked Roe  decision, Ukraine’s pain, the Uvalde shooting, continued racism, the extreme temperatures in India on a global scale, while also being thrown  around by rising prices, houselessness and housing crunches, and an alarming rise in health issues on a local level.

Of course, this is after years of unrest preceding these issues. I knew I needed a reset in my own thinking, because what we’ve been  doing isn’t working and it feels like we’re sinking. It was time to talk  about a path forward.

So I brought onto the podcast some good friends and smart as hell women,  who are leading in their respective fields to bring the issues women are facing to the forefront.

They include Prosperity & Business Coach Jen Aly, Astrologer Diotima  Mantineia, and Masculine Feminine Coach Sarah Poet to chat about the issues global and personal issues that so many women are facing right  now, and what the path forward might look like.

We get into lots of juicy stuff, including:

-Sovereignty and boundaries

-The power of cycles in your daily, weekly, and monthly lives, particularly when it comes to harnessing energy

-The places we as women need to step up, and appreciating what women in  recent history have done to get us here

-Recognizing internalized misogyny

-Climate change as the single biggest issue that will impact everyone on the planet

And lots more!

I’ll tell you that I came out of this discussion energized for what is  ahead. And I know you’ll get some good, concrete steps from the discussion on how to focus and move forward in creating a better, more  just world for all.

Guest bios:

Jen Aly is a dedicated creative & coach who supports creative and  holistic entrepreneurs to create thriving businesses. She teaches prosperity mindset, marketing, sales, and financial tools in ways that  are soul-aligned, practical, intuitive, and fun. Her TEDx talk, “Harness  Creativity as your Greatest Business Asset” was among the 10% of TEDx  talks chosen for TED.com. Find her at her website.

Diotima Mantineia is a professional astrologer, and the author of “Touch  the Earth, Kiss the Sky: Allowing the Rational Mind to Welcome Magic  and Spirituality”. You can find her online at her website.

Sarah Poet is a truth seeker, a soul traveler, a former school creator  turned feminine/masculine integration expert, and, as it turns out, a medicine woman for modern times. To this end, Sarah is a teacher,  couples coach and Sacred Union activator, energy medicine practitioner, mentor, speaker, spiritual counselor, systems analyst, and new-paradigm  leadership coach and business consultant. You can find the Sacred Remembering Podcast and Sarah’s TEDx on the masculine & feminine  within each person at her website.

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