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Three Months to a New You
Using both traditional assessment tools and intuition, we will weave together a whole lifestyle plan that includes nutrition, movement, calming practices, supplements,  soul goals, and relationship valuation in order to make you thrive. This is about improving your health dramatically over a three month period.
  • Nutrition – The Cornerstone 90% 90%
  • Movement that fits YOUR body 80% 80%
  • Calming Practice – An Often Overlooked Necessity 70% 70%
  • Supplements that fully support you 60% 60%
  • Soul Goals – Where are you going? 60% 60%
  • Relationship Valuation 60% 60%

How the Journey Works

  • We start by making a minimum three-month commitment to the work of getting you healthy and strong.
  • I send you a questionnaire to help me determine our focus, and then we meet by phone or Skype for an hour and a half to delve into your healthy history, desires, and dreams.
  • I send you a plan-of-action, and you determine if you like this course of action (we tweak it until we get it right).
  • We meet one more time that month for an hour, and then twice a month at a time we designate to chat about how things are progressing (yes, we will have benchmarks), any things we need to change or alter, and a good old-fashioned, “how’s life treating you?”
  • Yes, I can work alongside your current healthcare professional, either by you connecting us, or by getting information from them (blood tests, etc.) that help us better figure out your personal “code”.
  • You can email me the weeks we do not meet with any questions you may have, and I will respond within 24 hours.
  • At three months, we will return to our original questionnaire and see where you find yourself. If we feel it’s a good idea to continue another three, six, or nine months (amazing changes can happen in a year!), we’ll continue with our work.


Twice Monthly Sessions

We’ll have a one-on-one session every other week, in person or by phone/Skype

Detailed Plan

After our initial 1.5 hour assessment, I’ll develop a unique plan for you that covers in-depth nutrition and lifestyle approaches.

Email Support

What happens those weeks we aren’t meeting? You are still welcome to email me with any questions you have, and I’ll respond within 24 hours.

Health Benchmarks

We’ll closely monitor your body, mind, and spirit changes to make sure everything feels on point.
P1100280I spent several years doing nutrition consulting both during and after I finished my Masters in Holistic Health Education at JFKU and Nutrition Education certification at Bauman College. I worked with some amazing clients, and was even on staff at Clif Bar as the holistic nutritionist for their employees (yes, they give great employee benefits!).

But something was missing. Beyond hating the breakdown of macronutrient levels (proteins, fats, and carbs) and calorie-calculating, I didn’t like being the “food police”. I also don’t believe that approach to nutrition works over the long run. And it shouldn’t – it keeps you OUT of touch with your body’s signals, instead of tuning into them.

I’ve still worked with friends and friends-of-friends over the years, even as I pursued other work, but it’s taken me until recently to bring it all together in a way that made me say, “ah, yes. That’s it.” Nutrition is and will always be important (and contrary to what you will read, EVERYONE has different nutritional needs and some sleuthing has to be done sometimes to figure out what works best for you), but your health is so much more than that. It’s innumerable things, really, but I’ve culled it down to what is most important for the most people: nutrition, movement, meditation or visualization, supplements, connecting with your soul desires, and how your relationships impact your life.

I also have learned over the last 17 years that you can let go of the old adage that three weeks will form a new habit (spoiler alert: it isn’t Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 3.43.35 PMtrue) and recognize that shifting your habits and your health takes time. From what I’ve seen it takes a minimum of three months for a habit to begin to settle in, six months to start to get into the zone, and a year for it to really make an impact. Therefore, I offer packages based on what I know will bring you the most success, and I do not take on one-time clients.

Being busy with my dance business and Metamorphosis program also only allows me to take on five clients at a time. This is so I can assure that each client gets the attention from me that they deserve.

Interested, but want more information first? Let’s set up a 10-minute phone interview to see if we make a good fit.

“I feel SO much healthier than I did at this time last year. I truly have Christine to thank for that.

Her guidance was generous, intuitive and incredibly helpful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Mary E.

“I greatly appreciated the time you gave me — the research you did to prepare in considering my medical condition and how to better care for myself through nutrition and health. I felt strongly it was an holistic approach of mind, body and spirit using some unique modalities. Even though our sessions were on the phone, I still felt a clear sense of connection and care.

I appreciated your light touch and humor as well! You didn’t push; you gave feedback, insight and great resources and I am still using them. When you didn’t know the answer — you didn’t fake it, you got back to me. A really positive experience and I will definitely consult with you again!” Anne C.

What I provide:

-A safe and supportive container to drastically improve your health
-Syncing you up to what your body has been trying to tell you
-Guidance along what can often be a bumpy path
-A concrete plan you can easily follow, designed specifically for You

What you provide in return:

-Belief that you can change, and that you can get better
-Commitment to following the plan that you ultimately decide is best for you
-A minimum of three months of working together
-A monthly investment in your total health and wellness of $399

I only work with five private clients at a time. Right now I have:

-2 spots open

“I am impressed with Christine’s extensive knowledge of nutrition and holistic health therapies. Since she is so well-rounded, she is able to find the therapy that is best suited for each particular client. Plus, she is very intuitive — a key trait for effective healers. I’ve struggled with inconsistent sleeping patterns, restless nights and regulation of energy for years, and conventional medicine therapies only made me feel worse. After incorporating Christine’s suggestions for diet, I started sleeping regularly and am beginning to have a predictable amount of energy each day. My improved digestive health has really been life changing for me.” Megan R.

“My whole experience of meeting with Christine was great. The information came from an educated and trusted source, one who did not try to make me change my vegan ways in order to get the nutrients needed. It has been a few weeks since I met with Christine and I am noticing a difference all around in my moods, hunger times, and GI regularity. I am also starting to feel better about my overall self image, as she gave me some tips on that at the follow-up consultation.” Michelle S.

One-Time Whole Health Coaching

Have a couple nutrition questions specific to what’s going on in your body? Wondering what type of movement program might be best to do based on your body type? Need some help around clearing energetic blocks? Want me to create a few EFT videos specific to your issue?

Though we cover all of these things (and much, much more) in the 3-month program, sometimes you just have a couple of questions you need to ask and then you can move on with your life. If that’s the case, this option 1-hour option is perfect for you.

Feel free to shoot me an email if you have more specific questions about what we can cover! Session can be done by Facetime, Skype, or in-person in the Asheville area. Click here to purchase.

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