Why Estrogen Metabolism Matters More Than You Think


I guarantee this isn’t something your OB-GYN is talking about.

What in the world is estrogen metabolism? Well, for simplicity’s sake, it’s basically your liver breaking down estrogen to make it non-toxic.

Yep, our liver breaks down or “detoxifies” hormones just like it does with just about everything else.

Because hormones are basically a “let’s use it and move it” kinda situation.

Estrogen in particular can become a problem if it hangs around too long.

It’s actually where many of the issues we see in the earlier part of perimenopause (and even before) stem from.

When it comes to:

➡️Ovarian cysts
➡️Fibrocystic breasts
➡️Horrible PMS
➡️Heavy bleeding
➡️Long periods

I’m usually more concerned with how a client’s body is metabolizing estrogen than their estrogen levels in and of themselves.

We want your estrogen to prefer metabolizing down the protective 2-OH pathway, instead of the more carcinogenic 4-OH or proliferative 16-OH pathways.

Read on to learn more how your estrogen metabolism may be connected to the reproductive system symptoms you are experiencing:

If you want to learn more about how to naturally support your body to process estrogen better, we cover that and more in Perimenopause Like A Boss.

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