Why It’s Important To Get BHRT That Is Clean And Highly Absorbable with Mary Beth Perrone

There are lots of new products flooding the market to help women in perimenopause and menopause, especially bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

But not all products are created the same. Unfortunately, many products on the market are full of ingredients that ultimately aren’t good for our hormones because of the additives they contain. And when they are topical, this can be a major issue because as you’ll learn today, our skin is our biggest organ!

In this episode, I talk with Mary Beth Perrone, co-founder of Radiate Wellness, a physician formulated product line that encompasses BHRT, sleep support, skin health, and anxiety support. You’ll learn all about how these products can support you through the journey of both perimenopause and menopause.

We talk about:

How perimenopause can arrive way earlier than you expect (and what to look for)

Why you may need BHRT earlier than you think

The importance of getting BHRT that is clean without tons of additives and preservatives

How transdermal application can be superior to other forms of BHRT

✨And so much more!

Listen in below for all the detials:

Mary Beth Perrone’s passion for women’s topics is evidenced by her contributions to women’s health and wellness in many, many forms—physically, mentally and spiritually. Through her work as Co-Founder of Radiate Wellness, she supports women on their perimenopause and menopause with journey with clean, affordable products and services. 

As a Co-Founder, Co-Host and Speaker of the Women’s Wellness Fest and Mindful Movement FL, Mary Beth has empowered hundreds of women each year through yoga, meditation and other wellness and healing modalities to empower, nurture and rejuvenate women’s minds, bodies and souls.  Mary Beth is a Chopra Certified Meditation Instructor, Ayurveda Health Coach, and Sisterhood Circle Facilitator. She is fully committed to making the world and our communities a better place. Find out more at radiatewellnessproducts.com.

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