Why Menopause Can Be The Sexiest Time of Your Life with Dr. Sharon Stills

As cycling people, we’ve long been taught that our fun, exciting, sexual selves end at menopause.

But that’s simply not true, and Dr. Sharon Stills is here to bust that myth wide open!

In today’s episode, we are covering all the good stuff, including:

✨ Why perimenopause and menopause can be the BEST time in your life, not the worst

✨ Finding your sexy self in menopause

✨ Dr. Stills favorite way to test hormones (how she’s been doing it for the last 20 years!)

And we DEEP DIVE into bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), answering these questions:

✨ Why using bioidentical estrogen is not necessarily dangerous in cases of breast cancer

✨ Why bioidentical progesterone can be a game changer

✨ A breakdown of the different forms of BHRT, including topical, oral, compounded and what should be used in different situations

We also talk about Dr. Stills upcoming Mastering the Meno(pause) Transition Summit, where you’ll learn even more about this juicy time of life!

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Dr. Sharon Stills is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor who helps perimenopausal and menopausal women to pause and evaluate life so they can live the second act of their story stronger, healthier, and sexier while aging backwards. Using her 20+ years of experience and extensive training and background in European Biological Medicine, anti-aging therapies, and Bio-identical Hormone Replacement, she has successfully helped thousands of women transition gently through the different stages of their lives with all natural methods.

Dr. Stills is passionate about spreading the word about her signature RED Hot Sexy Meno(pause) Program – the philosophy she developed for you to Reinvent your Health, Explore your Spirit and Discover YOUR Sexy so that you, too, can create and live the life you desire and deserve!

She founded and ran one of the largest and most successful naturopathic clinics in the country for a decade and is the host of The Science Of Self Healing podcast. She is an expert physician for Women’s Health Network and she educates other physicians as the Co-Lead North American lecturer for the Paracelsus Academy in Switzerland.

Patients work with Dr. Stills in a variety of ways: through telemedicine consults and her life-changing retreats for individuals or small groups in healing and rejuvenating locations around the world. Some patients will even fly out to see her or fly her in just to get the chance to work with her one on one. Learn more about Dr. Stills at her website.

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