Work, then flow

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Work, then flow. It’s my new mantra.

Let me back up a moment. I find myself – my proclivities – to fall somewhere in between the grounded and woo. It’s been the course of my life; if you are at all interested and understanding of the woo, my south node of Pisces and north node of Virgo, along with my sun in Capricorn and moon in Scorpio, tells the story well. Plus my creative fire Enneagram Type 4 goes to the perfectionist, down-to-earth Type 1 when I ground those ideas that float in from the ether.

If you put together all the clues, decode all of the structures developed over millenia to dive into our personal path, my large lessons in life come in the form of finding a balance in all things (please note, this does not mean finding the elusive point at which all things are equal. This, in fact, does not exist). This is not true for everyone, so please don’t take this as me saying it’s your path.

The lesson I want to share about balance that may be helpful to you has to do with achieving what you want in your life, whether that goal be about an external desire like a primo job or an internal need to find more joy and less pain.

You can’t just sit and wait for things to ‘flow’, no matter how hard you work to believe it is so.

You can’t just do the hard work and force things to happen with your will.

Mindset is essential.

Letting go is essential.

You have to do the work in order to achieve the flow.

You find the flow within the work.

Do not pay someone, or buy a program, that tells you if you simply change your mindset, the money will come. First of all, changing your mindset is hard work, and you need to be ready to do the work to really change it. Second, you still need to do the work of the thing that will bring you money. Mindset helps with how fast it can come in, the amount (if you believe you are worth more, you’ll get more) and many important factors, but it will not come without the work.

But the magic of the flow comes inside of the work, when you find the meditation in what you are doing, when you connect to the passion that comes back around even if you think you have lost it, from the perseverance of making it through the tough part and finding that sweet spot.

Absolutely nothing has been created in all of time without the work. Absolutely nothing has flourished without the flow. Find the balance.

Work, then flow.

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