Working with Fibroids Naturally with Chunte Bates

July is Fibroid Awareness month, so I wanted to bring out this episode from my 2021 Hormone Summit.

For any fibroid warriors out there, this interview with Chunte Bates is going to change the way you feel about your fibroids.

Yes, we talk about diet approaches and supportive supplements for when you are dealing with fibroids, and yes, she has naturally shrunk her largest 10cm fibroid to 6cm over time.

That in and of itself is essential to discuss, since most doctors will say this is impossible.

But the biggest and most important part of this interview is our discussion about how the way you are living your life has to change when you have fibroids. And that it is an opportunity to truly come into your body and yourself.

I really enjoyed this interview, and I know you will too!

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Chunte Bates is a womb wellness blogger and fibroid  survivor. She uses her blog to spread awareness about uterine fibroids  and share her journey of healing from the physical and emotional impact  that women often face when dealing with this diagnosis. Chunte hopes to educate and inspire women to reclaim their bodies. Find out more at her website.

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