Hormonally Speaking Podcast

As women, we’ve been taught SO LITTLE about our hormones, and yet they are the captain controlling the ship that is our bodies!

I’ve been lucky to meet some of the leading, cutting-edge hormonal experts in the game, and this podcast gathers them together to give you an incredible overview of your hormones, from head to soul.

Hormonally Speaking with Christine Garvin

Not only do our hormones impact us physically, but they are the deciding factor in our mental health. And there are far too many of us currently suffering with debilitating stress, anxiety, and depression. In Hormonally Speaking, we dive into topics that cover a wide range of health topics that aim to teach women all about their health! 

Creating Space For Grief Work with Tiffany Narron

Creating Space For Grief Work with Tiffany Narron

Having endometriosis can be a lifelong journey of ups and downs, hard conversations with doctors, and constant advocating for yourself. However hard this journey is, it has the ability to lead you to a strength you never knew you had and a passion for helping others....

Developing Emotional Mastery With Monica Obando

Developing Emotional Mastery With Monica Obando

  Stress is very complex, and so many of us are dealing with it on a very extreme level, and it deeply affects our health. These stressful situations that we find ourselves in can go back to parts of  our life that we don’t necessarily remember or understand, but...

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