“You Want Me To Put That Where?” The Power Of Coffee Enemas & Liver Flushes w/Kitty Martone

Time to get dirty, y’all.

Actually, we’re getting super clean in this episode, since it’s all about coffee enemas and liver flushes!

I’m excited to have Ms. Kitty Martone, aka Healthy Gut Girl, back on the podcast talking about something that makes a lot of people squeamish. But this age-old remedy is making the rounds once again beyond just the “alternative” health community as a powerful way to upregulate your liver function and jump-start your hormonal healing.

We talk (and laugh) about the different reasons you would want to do a coffee enema, as well as going through the somewhat daunting – but incredibly effective and life-changing – liver flush. Kitty talks about the right ways to do both, and how they impact everything from skin health to energy to hormones to mental clarity to joy. And I get comfortable with the idea of bringing them back into my life post-colon surgeries.

Fair warning – we also dive into a bit of sex talk about halfway through, so if that’s not something you want to listen to, you can skip right over that section!


Kitty has a great new program coming out detailing how to do both the liver flush and enemas, so be sure to check out her store to grab one when it goes on sale. In the meantime, check out her super cute video to get a glimpse in to what coffee enema-ing is all about.

Kitty Martone, aka Healthy Gut Girl, is the creator of The Total Gut Makeover, Author of “The Gut Health Diet for Beginners” & “The 4-Week Gut Health Plan” and host of the podcast, ‘Stuff Your Doctor should Know’. Kitty is a holistic health educator and investigative health journalist. She has a background as a nutritional consultant and chef, working alongside nutritional giants such as Dr. Robert Marshall and author Donna Gates.

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