Understanding Sleep Paralysis, Dream Guidance, and Other Cool Spookiness with Ryan Dungan Hurd

Happy Halloween and almost Day of the Dead!

For this week’s episode, I had a chance to chat with my old friend, Ryan Dungan Hurd, who is a master dream researcher.

I thought it was the perfect time of year to chat about the sometimes scary, sometimes illuminating, but always powerful subject of sleep paralysis, where people can feel awake and held down, even though they are still in a sleep state.

Ryan and I dive into all the fascinating ways that sleep paralysis and paying attention to/recording your dreams can impact your health, including:

-What sleep paralysis is, and the myriad of ways it can show up

-Facing your fears and processing your trauma

-Spiritual experiences that can occur via paralysis

-How the way you take care of your body during the day – and in the evening before bed – can impact not only sleep paralysis, but also your hormones

-Sleep supports

-Ways to use your dreams to help guide your health decisions in waking life And lots more!

If you love experiencing the veil between the two worlds being its thinnest at this time of year, this is the perfect episode for you!

Ryan Dungan Hurd (he/him) is an educator, author and dream researcher. He is interested in consciousness studies at the intersections of ecology, spirituality and material culture. His latest work is Lucid talisman: Forgotten lore. Ryan has been featured on NPR, CNN, Coast to Coast, Psychology Today, and many more. With a background in both archaeology and dream research, Ryan currently teaches graduate level courses at University for Peace in Costa Rica and National University in California. Ryan is a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and abides by their ethical guidelines. His website DreamStudies.org has been going strong since 2007. He currently lives in Philadelphia, PA.

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